School will resume August 31st 2020. School sign-up meetings will be August 26th-28th. Depending on the COVID-19 progress, full, partial, or distant learning could occur at a moments notice.

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Our mission as Moore Avenue Resource Center is:

  • To increase our understanding of how intersectionality affects student achievement and apply that understanding to reduce social inequality and injustice on campus and in the community.
  • To provide a safe space for LGBTQ+ students to be out and live openly.
  • To foster the development of a diverse and unique student community that is supportive of all students regardless of their background, gender identity, belief systems, or disabilities.
  • To identify at-risk students with elevated adverse childhood experiences and provide support in their school and community achievement.

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Virtual Learning Classroom Schedules and Zoom meeting Links:

Please be on time. The teacher will log off if no one shows up 5 min after the start time.

English Language Arts – Mr. Wright

Science – Mrs. Stanford

Math & Engineering Electives – Mr. Mendoza

Art and Resource – Mrs. Mark

History, Language, Health, and 7th/8th Grade – Mr. Scofield

Main Office – Samantha Williams/Silas Radcliffe


For credit recovery, independent study assignments, and classroom supplemental material.


Online Grade book for parents and students.

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