MARC Families

Dear MARC Families and Students,

Pacific View Charter is excited to start another year on August 30th at 8:30 am. Over the summer, three new staff members will be joining the team for science, resource, and English. All staff is excited about the changes and additions! As with last year, all students will be assigned a master cohort teacher responsible for assuring your student is on track toward graduation and assignment completion. As an independent study school hybrid, assignment completion is vital for continued enrollment at the school. New measures will be taken this year to increase assignment success every week. Students will still receive their assignments and grades from their content area teacher, i.e., English tasks will be assigned by the English teacher. However, their master cohort mentor will be responsible for weekly communication and possibly mandating extra on-campus time to complete late/missing work. 

Core classes will be offered 8:30 am-12 pm Tuesday-Friday. Hands-on electives will be provided after lunch till 3 pm for those enrolled. PVCS is excited to bring back and expand our career technical education courses in hydroponics and the building trades. In addition, we will be adding computer science and electrical engineering courses after lunch as well. Students that are not registered are not able to attend after lunch.

There will be a couple of new changes for this year: 

  1. Families will be contacted on Mondays for on-campus time if a student has missed work.
  2. Students must complete work on school weekdays. The auditor does not accept weekend and holiday work. 
  3. Students need to complete a minimum of 2 assignments per class per week.
  4. If a teacher or staff member calls home to a parent, a parent must reach back within 24 hours if not present.
  5. Progress reports will be available at request from the teacher or a link online at 

Course enrollment paperwork will need to be completed before school starts. These meetings will be held on August 24th and 25th. You will be contacted about the best time to meet with your student’s master teacher to complete this paperwork. Students will not be able to attend or complete online work if these papers are not signed. Lastly, a COVID test has to be conducted by August 29th. Results must be submitted to the main office with LaurieWe are excited about starting a new school year with new individuals. We expect students to be more involved with their academic progress, leading to better performance and true career and college choices.

Silas Radcliffe Ed.D
Pacific View Charter School 2.0

Silas Radcliffe Signature

Parenting Classes:

Parents in Training:

Love and Logic – directed for parents of all age children

Contact Information – 707-443-1401

Humboldt County Office of Education:

Parent Project – directed for parents of adolescent children

(Typically offered in the Spring)

Contact Person – Gillian Wadsworth

(707) 445-7098

Arcata Police Department, Diversion Program:

Parent Project – directed for parents of adoloscent children

Loving Solutions – directed for parents of 5-10 y.o. children

Contact Person – Crystal Perez,

Parenting Resources:

Changing Tides Family Services:

Parent Cafes – Receive parenting tips and resources and share with other parents

Contact Person – Amanda Steinebach, 707-298-8358

Manila Community Resource Center:

Contact Person: Esther Hutton, 707-441-9771