Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent enrollment with the college of the redwoods is a great way to receive college credit, save money, and complete courses for your High School Diploma! Imagine graduating high school and already having a year done for a 4-year program giving you benefits of being upperclassmen to register for classes early and reduce costs in a bachelor program. PVCS online classes give students the flexibility to attend CR during the day. College credits count as double credits for high school and give a higher GPA. If you are a high school student on track to graduate with good standings, you can apply now.

Information about Dual Enrollment from College of the Redwoods


  1. Apply Here to be a College of the Redwood student while attending PVCS

3. Select Classes using the Course Catalog

Course Recommendations

Course selection depends on career needs or college degree. However, I highly recommend taking UC/CSU transferable courses to maximize money savings and knock out requirements for a 4-year degree. The courses below can be difficult and costly at a 4-year University. It is best to get them out the way now. Usually, these courses have a follow-up course for 2nd semester. Make sure you complete to get the full year.

  • Students cannot exceed 11 College of the Redwood Credits a semester.


  • Math-30: College Algebra

Followed by

  • Math-50 : Differential Calculus


  • English 1A: College Composition
  • English 17 American Literature


  • Biology 1: General Biology
  • Chemistry 100: (If you feel you are not prepared yet. not UC/CSU Transferable)
  • Chemistry 1A: If ready
  • General Physics 1: Phys 2A