Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent enrollment with the college of the redwoods is a great way to receive college credit, save money, and complete courses for your High School Diploma! Imagine graduating high school and already having a year done for a 4-year program giving you benefits of being upperclassmen to register for classes early and reduce costs in a bachelor program. PVCS online classes give students the flexibility to attend CR during the day. College credits count as double credits for high school and give a higher GPA. If you are a high school student on track to graduate with good standings, you can apply now.

Information about Dual Enrollment from College of the Redwoods


  1. Apply Here to be a College of the Redwood student while attending PVCS
  2. Concurrent Enrollment Form signed by PVCS Principal with approval

3. Select Classes using the Course Catalog

Course Recommendations

Course selection depends on career needs or college degree. However, I highly recommend taking UC/CSU transferable courses to maximize money savings and knock out requirements for a 4-year degree. The courses below can be difficult and costly at a 4-year University. It is best to get them out the way now. Usually, these courses have a follow-up course for 2nd semester. Make sure you complete to get the full year.

  • Students cannot exceed 11 College of the Redwood Credits a semester.


  • Math-30: College Algebra

Followed by

  • Math-50 : Differential Calculus


  • English 1A: College Composition
  • English 17 American Literature


  • Biology 1: General Biology
  • Chemistry 100: (If you feel you are not prepared yet. not UC/CSU Transferable)
  • Chemistry 1A: If ready
  • General Physics 1: Phys 2A