US, World History, and Government

Hello students! This is Mr. Smith! Welcome to my central hub for all of the information you may need regarding my class. Pretty cool huh 😉

Here are some of the basics for what is required each week for both In-Person and Distance students within my classroom. Students are REQUIRED to complete the following each week.

1.) 2 APEX Quizzes (these will be due each week and assigned on the APEX student calendar) or a substitute/alternative for those quizzes which we will have within the class period session. If you have any questions on what is a valid alternative please message me directly over APEX, email, phone or whatever way works best.

2.) Take daily Cornell notes for the assigned study guides (This is usually only 2 Cornell note docs per template: click here )

3.) 1 Nearpod assignment (this assignment can be accessed on APEX)

Instructions to access your daily APEX and weekly Nearpod assignments

Step 1: Log into your APEX profile – (APEX)

Step 2: Once you have logged into your APEX profile go to your main dashboard

Step 3: Once at your main dashboard where you can see all of the classes you are taking, click on your calendar (this should be on the right hand side of your screen)

Step 4: You will notice on the calendar you have assignments for each day. Make sure to complete these assignments by the end of the week (AT LEAST 2 ASSIGNMENTS PER WEEK PER CLASS TO STAY ENROLLED)

Tip: Some of these assignments are Nearpods. These will also show up on your APEX calendar (each Nearpod should always have a link directly to the assignment for easy access)

Agenda for each day In-Person:

Students walk in, open their chromebook up, roll is taken quickly.

Students start with a warm up for each day. This will usually be something such as a quick write, Wordle, Odd one out, 4 Corners activity, etc.

After about 10 minutes students will access their APEX, will be asked to take notes in-class. Students will take their notes in the format dictated below. Notetaking is graded, the grade you have recieved for this can be found on APEX each month.

Notetaking template (use this template when taking notes in class, make sure to fill out the main notes, questions/terms, and summaries for each lesson. (2 lessons per week)

Note: Notes will be completed digitally for each unit, however if you would like to complete this In-Person, on paper is an option as well. Please note that you must be able to hold onto your own notes if that is the case, make sure to use a binder or folder.

Once notes have been completed for the day, students will save the documents in a folder of their choice. This will be titled “Your name, your class, the unit, the lesson”. For example if I just completed notes for a lesson on the Enlightenment my title would be “Austin Smith, World History, Unit 2, Enlightenment”. Make sure you date each of your notes.

With the remaining time in class, either complete the quiz due or whatever alternative/ substitute assignment that has been given out.

Classes for each day:

Period 1Government
Period 2US History
Period 3World History
Period 4Ethnic Studies

Remember that you can be dropped if you maintain below an 80 percent completion rate for assignments

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