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Dear MARC Families and Students,

September 3, 2021

Back to school is upon us, and the staff is working hard at implementing many of the States, and public health requirements for this 2021-2022 school year. I want to express my gratitude for everyone’s patience regarding the new master agreement forms to sign up for classes. Many of the new assembly bill’s such as AB 130, gave schools only a month’s notice over the summer to implement. What was once a single page to sign up for classes turned into a “5-page form” that had to be written by lawyers.

The excellent news is Pacific View on Moore Avenue is fully staffed to the afternoon with some new course offerings. Students will have the opportunity to work at the professional hydroponics lab at redwood acres, enroll in electronics to learn how to build a 5.1 surround sound system, and meet three new teachers on site. In addition, all computers have been updated, and students will be able to check out computers for home use. Everyone here is excited about these positive changes.

The staff’s goal for this year is to increase community alliances, maintain/repair our facility, and increase student enrollment. Community alliances will allow students more job opportunities, college opportunities, and essential mental health resources to aid in these challenging times of COVID-19. 

Since the delta variant infections are incredibly high in Humboldt, public health is mandating necessary quarantine procedures and safety measures at school. Many will probably experience a ten-day quarantine this year, as observed in other schools that have already opened. If two or more staff are required a ten-day quarantine simultaneously, the school may switch to a distance model for ten days utilizing zoom. Vaccinations are highly recommended at this time for all students and can spare them some quarantine time this year (see county flowchart). General COVID rules for this year are: 

  • All staff and students will wear masks indoors and outdoors; pack an extra mask for emergencies
  • Staff and students will maintain a 6 feet distance or greater
  • Water fountains remain closed; students should bring a water bottle
  • Hand washing or sanitizing will continue at critical times throughout the day
  • Monitor your child’s signs and symptoms before sending to school; there is no on-site temperature check upon arrival
  • COVID Testing is highly encouraged before the first day for any students who may have been exposed through travel other means
  • Merv-13 HEPA filters in classrooms; windows/doors open
  • Only visitors conducting essential campus business will be allowed on campus at this time.
  • Students may enter school at the back gate. The main office is for school business only

Thank you for your support and understanding at this time. The safety of our students and their families is of utmost importance. More information will be given out during our back-to-school night on September 13th at 6 pm on this zoom link.

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Silas Radcliffe M.Ed
Pacific View Charter School 2.0

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