Art and Resource

Teacher Name: Frances Mark

Meeting ID: 321 566 8871

Passcode: Frank~23


ART: Distant Learning

Log on to Google classroom – Art

Log into your school issued Gmail account, and follow this link to join the Art Google Class:

Or use the class code: vk5woj5

In the Art Google class, you will have access to the week’s assignments:  Instructions, hyperlinks for videos, and other needed documents.

Click on Stream for the semester’s syllabus and weekly announcements.

Click on Classwork for weekly assignments

  1. Make sure you zoom weekly

Schedule – Tuesday and Thursday’s 11:00 to 12:00 for art class 

  • Check-in with me every Monday.  
  • Week’s assignment will be posted every Monday
  • Email me through Schoolwise or call the school (707-269-9565) for questions and extra assistance

Specific Instructions:  Log into your Gmail account (must be school-issued Gmail account or it will not work), then sign up for Art Google.  Log into your Google class.  If you have difficulty, contact the school.